woodblock print

My works on paper include drawings and printmaking, with a special interest in woodblock printing. Drawing is an essential and preliminary step in my artistic practice and final Woodblock prints. In producing my designs and abstractions for my prints, I’m greatly inspired and influenced by patterns and designs of Tribal Arts from Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia among other communication forms of indigenous cultures. After I have my desired drawings on paper to work from as guides, I carve out my designs and images onto found processed plywood plates to be then printed onto paper. Each woodblock comes with its own individual temperament and workable limitations, which at times, forces me to diverge from my original sketches. Regularly, the individuality of each wood piece predicates the design it will accept. Through the act of laboriously carving out my design, I engage and explore the different and unique qualities of each specific woodblock. I choose found woodblock plates to allow for unexpected nuances and imperfect elements to surface onto my work. In addition, working with wood material provides an organic aesthetic and visually tactile quality to my works. The wood quality of my prints carries with it an historical precedence and legacy, significantly speaking to a loss and rediscovery of my identity. As such, the wood medium is itself the source of inspiration.